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What to Expect When You Have an Accident

The process includes notifying the authorities, getting help for injuries, getting the repairs completed and paying for the job.

  1. First get the other party's information including drivers license and registration. Keep a clear head and write it all down and put it where you will be able to find it. Take photos with your cell phone of damage to both vehicles.
  2. Call the police from the scene of the accident; do not leave until you have talked to them.
  3. If there are injuries to either party do not leave without the police coming; report any injuries and ask for immediate assistance if needed.
  4. If the car is not drivable call us immediately after calling 911. We can arrange a tow to our shop and you can avoid an impound fee from a police wrecker.
  5. Notify your insurance agent.
  6. If it's drivable bring it to our shop for an estimate; we'll do this while you wait including an estimate of when it will be completed.
  7. We'll call your insurer and meet with them to get their approval to start the work.
  8. If you or your passenger is injured we suggest you consider contacting an attorney to look out for your interests.
  9. We'll get the parts and make the repairs to your car and then notify you when it's ready for pick up.
  10. You'll be back on the road as if it had never happened!

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